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Quite a few WordPress tutorials are available on YouTube or various learning sites. Some are free, and some are paid lessons. Some are short videos explaining how to set up a WordPress website within minutes or some particular plug-ins or themes.

My Criteria

I was looking for a tutorial with something very particular in my mind.

  • Covering the latest or relatively newer version of WordPress;
  • Thoroughly cover every aspect of WordPress for beginners and relative background;
  • Properly separated into chapters or sections so that I can skip when I need to;
  • High-quality live demo, not static power point or just text;
  • Free or with a price tag of an average technical book

I’ve found two sets of tutorials meeting my expectation.


The first tutorial is made by WP101. They charge $48 per year until you cancel it. Interestingly, the tutorial is also offered in wp101 plug-in with $19 per year for personal use. I checked out the free samples, and they are very high-quality and videos are kept updated if there is a significant WordPress update.

It covers various topics including WordPress, some of its plugins, some page builders, and more.


Free YouTube Tutorial by Brad Merrill

“8 hours Complete Course for Beginners 2023” was from a live lecture recording. It’s very long, and there are repetitions in the lecture. If you have some particular question in your mind, It’s not easy to find a solution in the video. It mainly covers the WordPress backend, not other page builders, etc. If you enjoy free courses, go for them. If you have an extra budget, the above WP101 tutorial, which has a better way to navigate, will save you more time.

I have made a timestamp list below of the video to make it easier to follow. Please bookmark this blog page, and always come back to refer to the timestamp list. You do not want to drag through an 8-hour video, and it’s painful.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:58 WordPress.com VS WordPress.org
00:07:42 What is WordPress
00:10:37 How Much WordPress cost
00:11:27 Domain Name
00:12:08 Web Hosting
00:15:19 Install WordPress
00:19:03 Install WordPress locally
00:26:05 Install WordPress on web hosting
00:42:46 Interface Overview
00:49:29 Manage post & Page
00:57:13 Library
01:00:21 Comments
01:02:28 Change theme
01:07:23 Overview plugins
01:14:34 WP default Content
01:16:15 Navigation Interface
01:20:25 Dashboard Nav. Menu
01:22:30 Dashboard Page Customize
01:24:59 Managing Post
01:29:58 Managing Page
01:32:43 Managing Media Library
01:35:52 Managing Comments
01:37:58 Overview Themes
01:43:20 Overview Plugins
01:51:58 Overview Users
01:56:30 Overview General Settings
02:00:23 Writing Settings
02:04:32 Discussion Settings
02:08:05 Media Settings
02:11:44 Permalinks Structure
02:15:27 Privacy Settings
02:17:09 Managing Users
02:23:26 Start Managing Post
02:52:24 Tips And Tricks
02:58:51 WordPress Default Themes
03:10:38 Theme – Kadence & Astra
03:15:28 Theme – Import a New Starter Template
03:45:21 Theme – Wireframe
03:57:15 Theme – How to Use Filter to Find Theme
04:58:30 Plugin – From WordPress Market Place
05:05:57 Plugin – From Third Party – codecanyon.net
05:21:30 Plugin – Yoast SEO
05:29:15 Plugin – Site Test by Google
06:55:00 Security
07:09:25 Use Kadence to Build a Tech Blog from Scratch

WordPress Glossary

Besides video tutorials, another best good resource for beginners is a dictionary-like glossary list. You may refer to gigapress’ WordPress Glossary.

Other Better Beginner Tutorials?

You are more than welcome to comment with the best tutorials you came across. I’ll keep the list updated.

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